Delmarva Dragonflies and Damselflies

List of Recommended Locations for Difficult to Find Species

Includes local species, habitat specialists and rarities. Accidentals and species with no records for several decades not included.

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Shadow Darner: Lums Pond, Piedmont ponds

Comet Darner: Sedge Meadow

Springtime Darner: Blackbird State Forest, Idylwild

Fawn Darner: Greensboro Christian Park

Harlequin Darner: Blackbird State Forest, Idylwild

Cyrano Darner: Whale Wallow at Lums Pond, Idylwild

Unicorn Clubtail: Impoundment at Lums Pond

Black-shouldered Spinyleg: Greensboro Christian Park, White Clay Creek

Midland Clubtail: Broad creek near Philips Landing

Dragonhunter: Greensboro Christian Park, Brandywine Creek

Banner Clubtail: Fisher's Mill Bridge

Southern Pygmy Clubtail: Ramsey Run

Common Sanddragon: Greensboro Christian Park

Sable Clubtail: Blackbird State Forest

Eastern Least Clubtail: Ramsey Run

Russet-tipped Clubtail: Hollingsworth Park, Oldfield Pt. Rd Bridge, Elkton, MD

Arrow Clubtail: Brandywine Creek State Park

Tiger Spiketail: Seep stream in White Clay Creek State Park

Twin-spotted Spiketail: Blackbird State Forest

Arrowhead Spiketail: Idylwild Entrance Road

Stream Cruiser: Blackbird State Forest, Idylwild

Royal River Cruiser: Lums Pond

Robust Baskettail: Idylwild

Selys's Sundragon: Idylwild

Shadowdragons (Umber and Stygian): Perryville Boat Launch

Fine-lined Emerald: Idylwild

Coppery Emerald: Idylwild

Treetop Emerald: Idylwild

Banded Pennant: Seep bog at Idylwild

Double-ringed Pennant: Seep bog at Idylwild, Blackbird State Forest, Sedge Meadow

Bar-winged Skimmer: Lums Pond powerline, Blackbird State Forest

Yellow-sided Skimmer: Idylwild

Elfin Skimmer: Seep bog at Idylwild

Blue-faced Meadowhawk: Lums Pond, Tybout Bay

Cherry-faced and Ruby Meadowhawk: Buttonbush Bay at Lums Pond, Tybout Bay

Band-winged Meadowawk: marsh at Ashland Nature Center


Sparkling Jewelwing: Greensboro Christian Park

American Rubyspot: White Clay Creek

Spotted Spreadwing: Buttonbush Bay and Whale Wallow at Lums Pond

Amber-winged Spreadwing: Sedge Meadow

Sweetflag Spreadwing: Buttonbush Bay at Lums Pond, Tybout Bay

Elegant Spreadwing: Lilypad Pond at Blackbird State Forest, Idylwild

Swamp Spreadwing: Idylwild

Dusky Dancer: White Clay Creek

Aurora Damsel: Idylwild

Double-striped Bluet: Bluet Pond at Summit Bridge Ponds

Attenuated Bluet: Idylwild

Turquoise Bluet: Blackbird Creek, Marshyhope Creek at Idylwild

Burgundy Bluet: Idylwild

Big Bluet: Bluet Pond at Summit Bridge Ponds, Lums Pond

Pale Bluet: Long Pond at Idylwild

Vesper Bluet: Bluet Pond at Summit Bridge Ponds

Blackwater Bluet: Greensboro Christian Park, Marshyhope Creek at Idylwild

Sphagnum Sprite: Seep bog at Idylwild, Sedge Meadow and Powerline Pond at Summit Bridge Ponds

Southern Sprite: Idylwild